Before You Get on Your Knees: 3 Things to Ask When Writing a Marriage Proposal Speech

You can forget the theatrics and the gimmicks, the moves in your flash mob dance, or the dramatic lighting in your romantic dinner, but you can’t afford to make a sloppy speech in your proposal. What you say before the magic question matters. It sets the tone for the entire conversation. It builds up the momentum. Thus, it should be meaningful and memorable. If you’re still struggling coming up with words to say, these WH questions may guide, even inspire, you in your writing:

What did you think when you first met her?

Do a bit of #throwback and tell your significant other what was going in your mind when you first saw her. Maybe you were shy when your mutual friend introduced you to each other. You were tongue-tied because you couldn’t believe how beautiful this person was in front of you, or perhaps you were intimidated. This then-stranger was so passionate about her love for music that you got embarrassed for your half-hearted band performance at some local bar. Just reminisce about that first meeting. It doesn’t matter if it’s uneventful or ugly. Even the memory of you spilling iced tea all over her skirt is a good story to tell because if not for that unpleasant event, you wouldn’t have caught each other’s attention at your mutual friend’s loud, wild party. The principle is, be a little nostalgic. In fact, you can go as far as using this as the theme for your proposal idea. Reliving that first time you met each other.

When did you feel that she’s ‘the one’?

Romantic man proposing to a woman in the autumn park

For sure, this will be the question in your significant other’s mind after you get on your knees, so might as well spill the beans and use the story powerfully in your speech, right? Try to remember the time you’ve decided that your partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Again, it doesn’t matter if it seems trivial. The truth is, the realization often comes at random. Perhaps at a time she was trying to solve a crossword puzzle. When you were arguing what’s the best burger in town, or when you were helping them nurse a cold. The triviality of these moments makes them special. Think about it, in the midst of an ordinary life event, you found an extraordinary, life-changing realization: that she’s the one. This is the perfect segue to popping the question and the ring out. Now, if you haven’t found the perfect ring yet, consider custom jewelry. Salt Lake City-based experts say that the key to knowing your significant other’s preferred ring design is simple: their Pinterest board. Go take a peek.

Where would you want to be years from now?

Talk about what you want to do in the future. At first, just share your personal goals. Maybe you want to be a team leader in your company, or you want to have your own business. Tell them about these dreams, and then slowly, move to your plans that include them. Say, five years from now, you want to have two kids. Maybe 10 years from now, you’re living in a house near the lake. From there, put your statements in question form. ‘Will you live in a house near the lake with me?’, ‘Will you have two kids (or more) with me?’, and then finally, get down on your knees, bring the ring out, and ask, ‘Will you marry me?’ 

Couple smiling at each other

Your proposal speech is one of the things your significant other will forever remember so make it a good memory. Make it count. Take note of these WH questions as you write down your speech.

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