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How to Feel Like Turkish Royalty at Home

Although the modern state of Turkey as we know it has existed for less than a century, it has a history that stretches back thousands of years. A significant part of this history involves Turkey being part of the Ottoman Empire, which at its height, was one of the most powerful and influential empires in the world. Its capital, Constantinople (which is now Turkey’s capital, Istanbul), is known as a melting pot of history, having been the capital city of three different empires throughout history, dating back to the fourth century AD.


Because of this, Turkey is home to many historical and magnificent palaces, such as the Topkapi, Dolmabahce, and Beylerbeyi Palaces. These were the residences and summer palaces of the Ottoman sultans and are among the shining examples of Turkish style, architecture, and design. In particular, they perfectly illustrate the country’s history as a fusion of Eastern and Western heritage, making them incredibly accessible tourist destinations. 


Now, you, too, can make your home resemble one of these ornate palaces. With many Turkish style furniture and decorations readily available online, it is easy to transform your home into your grand palace. Here are some ways to decorate your home like the royals of old:


Use floral tiles


Eastern interior design is well-known for its use of bright, eclectic colors and intricate patterns, particularly when it comes to floor and wall tiles. These are clearly illustrated in the Turkish design of tiles.


Many Turkish tiles have floral patterns that make use of intricacy and symmetry. Classic colors for these include white, blue, and red. You can use these to add a bold and luxurious touch to your bathrooms, kitchens, and even your patios or staircases. With this combination of the traditional and the contemporary, your home is sure to stand out among the rest. 


Use chandeliers and hanging lamps


Turkish artisans are known for their glassmaking ability, using a technique of hand-cutting colored glass to create beautiful works of art. Nowhere is this skill more visible than in the lamps and chandeliers that you can often find sold on the streets of Istanbul.


There are very many options for Turkish style lighting fixtures. You can find small lamps for your table or go for something grander, such as chandeliers and hanging lanterns. These will make excellent additions to your bedrooms and living rooms.


Use an intricate carpet  


The use of rugs and carpets illustrates the influence that the Middle East and Islamic culture. Some of the most sophisticated and intricate rugs are Oushak rugs, named for the small town south of Istanbul, where they are produced. These are greatly influenced by Persian design in their elegance and intricacy.


Given that these are long rugs, you can easily use them to enhance your living room, with the intricate patterns serving as a nice contrast to white, minimalist walls. You can hang these rugs as tapestries, turning them into works of art in your home.


By adding some beautiful accessories to your home, you can make it resemble a royal palace without doing large-scale renovations. Thus, you can give yourself royal treatment without much effort, which is what any homeowner desires.

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