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It’s Not Just About Makeup: Eyebrow Facts You Should Know About

There are countless tutorials about eyebrow makeup online, and we can’t blame those who made those videos. Eyebrows are so important that they have to be taken care of just like the rest of our bodies.
Aside from making sure we shape and color them appropriately, we also need to understand what makes our arches appear as they are, so we’ll know how to care for them better. The following facts will tell you some cosmetic, health, and karmic reasons your eyebrows look like that.

1. Eyebrow makeup and moisturizer don’t mix

Have you ever wondered why your eyebrow makeup doesn’t last as long as your day? It’s probably because of your moisturizer. Applying moisturizer to your brows leaves a greasy texture, which makes it difficult for the eyebrow makeup to stay. Whether you’re using a pencil or a powder, it will either run or slide off eventually.

If you’re suffering from eyebrow dryness, it’s better to apply the moisturizer before bedtime or find one that does not need constant reapplication. Some moisturizers must be used for only a week and the flaky appearance is gone.

2. Eyebrows thin as we age

As we age, our hair grows thinner. It’s the same thing with our eyebrows. The changes in our reproductive hormones may contribute to thinning brows, as well. That means those wrinkles, gray hair, and crow’s feet are not the only ones we should expect.

Women who gave birth may also expect thinning eyebrows just like postpartum hair loss. This condition is attributed to abrupt hormonal changes. Your brows should recover, though, after about six months.

3. Thinning eyebrows tell something about your health

If there’s an unexplained thinning of eyebrows, you may want to have your thyroid level checked. Some experts suggest that losing eyebrow hair is a sign of thyroid deficiency. Another medically related reasons for thinning eyebrows are atopic dermatitis, hormone fluctuations, and low level of minerals such as iron, zinc, and protein.

Waxing, threading, and plucking may also be working against your favor because these may traumatize the hair follicles, which may lead to damage.

4. There’s a link between your eyebrow shape and personality

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Marie Claire said that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame of the face. True enough, eyebrow shapes, density, and texture say a lot about our personality, according to feng shui and face reading practitioners.

Curved eyebrows signal creativity; angled brows indicate sensitivity and privacy, and straight ones communicate confidence and assertiveness. Bushy brows indicate masculinity while thin ones indicate femininity. Texture-wise, the soft and shiny brows show a good sign of sexual energy. If they’re rough and dull, it means sexual energy is declining.

Experts remind that whatever you do to your brows, make sure they are in proportion to your eyes and the rest of your face, so you’ll have a balanced life.

Now that you know the different reasons behind your eyebrows’ look, perhaps you should be more careful in choosing the right hue and material for your arches. In addition, look into other aspects, such as your health, which you need to address so that you can get the stunning eyebrows you like.

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