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Misconceptions that Can Ruin Your Journey to Weight Loss

There’s more to weight loss than just shedding off the excess pounds you’re carrying. Gleaning from body contouring centers in Salt Lake City, you should lose weight and prevent it from coming back. That is the only way you’ll succeed in your fitness goals. Unfortunately, most people suffer severe setbacks in their mission because they readily buy into unhelpful misconceptions. If you’re keen on having a successful journey, you should disregard the following myths:

Weight loss is a quick diet away

Sure, there’s a plethora of weight loss diets with rave reviews from users. To some extent, that is true. However, weight loss diets do not work in the way you think. Like a bad penny, the weight you shed off keeps coming back as soon as you get off the diet, which is likely to happen sooner than later. Most healthy dishes are unappetizing and unsustainable. When you’re on and off these diets, you’ll have recurrent weight loss and weight gain. The weight recycling from the yo-yo dieting affects your blood pressure, cholesterol, and mental health.

Weight loss is a diet pill away

Woman about to take a diet pillExcess weight loss is not a disease that you can cure by popping a few pills. Excess weight is not a disease. Throw those pills or ask for a refund for they’ll do nothing more than make you feel good and take your money. If they promise miraculous results, remember that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Moving more and eating less are the tenets of sustainable weight loss.

While some prescription drugs might help when you’re suffering from a weight-related health complication, they can only go so far. They can help you shed off about ten percent of your excess weight, kicking off your journey to high gear. Medics prescribe weight loss pills for patients whose BMI is higher than 27 but will require you to take extra measures to get the weight off.

Weight loss is a sprint

Your best friend’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and she needs you to fit into that hourglass dress? What to do? If you’re caught up in such a situation, then you need to pick sides and be quick about it. Most weight loss sprints come with horrible health-related consequences.

Are you prepared to sacrifice your health and well-being to give your friend her dream wedding? Rapid weight loss is associated with heart conditions, hair loss, and gallstones. One of the most overlooked effects is the electrolyte imbalance that results. This leads to an irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, and seizures.

In the end, most people hold on to great misconceptions about weight loss, and it causes them to make grave mistakes. Some of these mistakes not only cost you money but also put your health at risk. To avoid jeopardizing your health and well-being, you should give these misconceptions a wide berth. Before going on a diet or starting an exercise routine, you should consult a health professional or expert.

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