Pandemic Fashionistas: The 2021 Style Guide to Follow

Things have to get real sometimes. The pandemic is real, and so is this question. It’s something that we’d eventually have to ask once the dust settles and the vaccines have been rendered. What kind of dress-ups will we see once we’re finally given the go-ahead to go out?

Consider this: fashion and dressing up, in general, isn’t just for show. It’s also to give us hope and to uplift our spirits, and to dress the part, too. Perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why we’re searching for various fashion magazine subscriptions online. Besides hoping the vaccines come faster, we’ve also prayed that we can go out, dress to impress and visit our loved ones.

Thankfully, fashion shows have transitioned from being live to streaming live. At the least, people will be able to see what kind of fashions will spring forth once everyone’s cleared to go out once more.

The Work from Home Couture

2020 is a year when loungewear became overall apparel. It was used for sleeping, rousing from said sleep, and going to work. It’s expected to continue and will also apparently gain greater acceptance from more people. According to experts, familiarity will help it gain more mainstream approval.

Expect more clothes like this to decorate the shelves of stores, according to fashion observers. The more elastic the waist and comfy the fabric, the more these clothes will become a part of everyday life at home. T-shirts are also expected to become widely accepted as well.

wearing pajamas

The Classic Tee—The Polo Neck

As T-shirts are also set to become more accepted into a relaxed kind of office wear, expect it to bear new designs, fashion experts say. There will be different designs, especially in the neck, where the polo neck will rise.

Designers are so sure about the longer term of these tees and the polo neck. These articles of clothing have already been seen in pastel shades as early as September last year. You should also be seen wearing these longer, according to experts, as people move to become more casual and cozier as time goes by.

A More Sensitive Style

While the year moves on, many people are sure to try to adjust to the pandemic. Many have felt the stress of staying at home. That’s set to be reflected in jewelry and accessories this year.

It’s due to the constant reminders of life’s sudden changes from 2020. There had been the Australian bush fires, the US wildfires, and the India floods. Fashion choices are set to reflect this awareness of what’s been happening. People will not stop adorning themselves but rather have a more nuanced way of reflecting on their concerns through simplicity.

Simplicity and Minimalist Designs

During the pandemic, when people were at home, they wore only a few articles of clothing. Most of these were worn for comfort, with a few being chosen for work. This is expected to usher in a more simplistic style, stylists said.

Even people only wore five shirts, while others said they have started to realize that less is more. People have begun to shop for accessories that serve a dual purpose, such as a choker that can double as a bracelet. Simplicity and minimalist designs will become popular in jewelry, according to experts.

Fashion Weeks—How It Will Change

Fashion weeks are also set to change. As travel restrictions came down, many shows were affected. Think Anna Wintour presenting through telecommuting; that’s about to become the norm. Autumn and winter shows this year may look different from last year as it’s presented on live streaming rather than live.

For instance, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Max Mara were set to present live last year. What happened is an indication that fashion shows may sport a different look for the foreseeable future. That is unless the vaccines arrive, and people start flocking back to these shows.

Fashion shows and fashion, in general, reflected the given perception of an era. It’s seen before the pandemic, and people are expecting it to show during the pandemic—how people wear masks, how they are at home, what they wear during work hours away from the office. Significant changes will happen to adapt to the challenging times.

Simplicity and minimalist designs are popular because of the sensitivity to the suffering during the pandemic. No doubt, this is set to continue. If the fashion pillars of the industry are doing their part to make sure everyone’s focused on getting better, maybe you should, too.

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