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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You’ve Never Thought of Before

As the new year enters, another special event calls for preparation: Valentine’s Day. While some couples opt to just spend this romantic day at home over takeout meals and pajamas, some are still fond of grand gestures or gift-giving at least. When your partner’s love language is acts or service or gifts, you absolutely cannot let this day pass without doing or giving something special for them.

You can go for something traditional and symbolic, like an inexpensive promise ring that will hold sentimental value for a lifetime or something outside the box or, better yet, both. That said, here are some clever and witty gift ideas that will surely surprise your beloved this coming Valentine’s Day:

Something Convenient

Huffpost compiled Reddit posts of wives and girlfriends talking about the unique gifts they had once received from their husbands or boyfriends, including things that offered their much-needed convenience. Some examples are a reserved parking space (for a late-night worker or student), a vacation-care package (for an avid traveler), learning sign-language (for a hearing-impaired partner), etc. The key is to pay attention to what your partner needs that will make their regular activities much easier.

Something They’ve Eyed with Interest

Your partner will surely adore you even more if you gift them something they’ve been eyeing with obvious interest for a while now. It means that you’ve paid attention. When you’re on a date somewhere filled with shops, notice what they’re checking out. If they stare at something with obvious admiration and interest but are unable to buy it for certain reasons, then take the opportunity to impress them by gifting them that exact item on Valentine’s Day or any other special day.

A Quirky Version of a Thing They Love

If your husband has a favorite whiskey decanter, for example, gifting him another one isn’t a bad idea. To impress him more, choose something with a unique shape, such as a globe. It can serve as a charming home decor piece, too.

For a cooking-savvy partner, nothing is better than a good piece of kitchenware. Consider a chopping board with a unique shape as well. They may not be able to use if for their daily cooking, but it can at least be a decorative kitchen accessory that will remind them of a special day and a special person.

Something They Never Knew They Needed

If you truly know your partner and pay attention to them, you’ll be able to discover a thing they have never thought they need. If you notice that they struggle with organizing their stuff, for example, consider a docking station, where they can put down their phone, car keys, pens, wallets, and other everyday essentials together. If the bag they’re currently using seems to have worn out already or isn’t enough to store all their work-related belongings, buy them a new one that’s sturdier or more spacious. They’ll surely appreciate how you’ve paid attention to their small struggles.

Something Creative

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If you’ve got the flair for handicrafts, showcase it proudly to your partner by giving them something purely of your own creation on Valentine’s Day. The personal touches, time, and effort you’ve poured out for it will not go unappreciated. If you have a particularly sharp memory, consider making a comic book about your love story. This will also serve as a perfect proposal present— write the question at the very last page.

Another brilliant idea for a love story representation is a charm bracelet. It may not be a handicraft, but it’s personalized, so it’s just as unique. Each pendant or charm should portray something significant about your relationship, like your first meeting, milestones, and so on.

Remember that the best gift is anything that will make them happy. Material things can only do so much, so always pay close attention to their needs, hobbies, and interests. Perhaps only your time is what they need the most or a tasty home-cooked meal. Whatever gift you’ve decided on, make sure that it will make them feel loved and cared for.

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