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What to Remember When Having Your Facial Hair Waxed Off

Both men and women have tried looking for the perfect way to remove facial hair. Some shave it off and resort to IPL hair removal, while some have it threaded or waxed off. No matter what type of hair removal service you choose, you would have to make sure that you research about it first before getting it done, as the skin on your face is sensitive.

Here, we will talk about a couple of things that you should remember before getting your facial waxing in Salt Lake City:

Let Your Hair Grow

This might be counterintuitive but believe us, it is better to go to the salon with fully-grown hair rather than just having them deal with the stubbles on your face. The wax would not be able to adhere to the hair properly if they are too short, so your effort, time, and money will only be put to waste.

Make sure that you have at least 1/4 of an inch before having your facial hair waxed out at the salon. Avoid shaving for a few days or weeks before your appointment. Don’t worry because it will all be worth it.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Make sure to properly cleanse your face on the day of your waxing appointment. You should also consider exfoliating it gently so you can get rid of dead skin cells. This will also help your facial hair lift from the skin, making the process easier and causing lesser pain.

Talking about pain, if your pain threshold is low, then you might want to use a numbing cream or spray right before the procedure is done. You can ask the waxing technician if they have some, which they most probably do.

Go Au Naturel

no make up

Skip the makeup and skincare hours before your waxing appointment. Using these and then getting your face waxed will most likely irritate your skin, so skip it for today. Besides, if you decide to wear it, your technician will only ask you to take it all off before the procedure. Aside from saving time doing your skincare and makeup, you will also save these products by not using them for a while.

Tie Your Hair Up

You would not want random strands of your hair getting caught in the wax, would you? Make sure to tie your hair in a bun to get it out of your face when having your facial hair waxed. You also would not want it to get in the way, so go ahead and do that first.

Also, if your skin is sensitive (or even if it’s not, just to be safe), ask your waxing technician not to wax the same area twice. If there are a few strands left on your face, then ask them to just use a tweezer instead.

Always remember to listen to the waxing aftercare that your technician will discuss with you after the session. Make sure to do each one properly and soothe your skin right after, as waxing can be a bit harsh on your skin.

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