Champagne Tricks to Wow Your Guests

Champagne is something that binds people together and keeps friends and families closer. It is often used to celebrate important events and milestones in life and is often the life of the party.

Champagne is a delicate yet versatile spirit, though. It should be properly stored and kept, which is why today, we will give you a few tips and tricks about champagne, so you can wow your guests the next time you serve it. Master these tricks before you deliver your prosecco gift to your loved ones.

Pair the Champagne with Yummy Food

That ad that seems to pair champagne with chocolate? That is all a marketing scheme. Pairing your champagne with any type of chocolate is not a good idea, as the acidity in the champagne will only make the chocolate taste bitter. Unless you love bitter chocolate, then consider it a no-go.

Instead, pair your champagne with equally acidic food such as gazpacho shooters, ceviche, and green leafy vegetables with a bright vinaigrette for a perfect match. You can also go for textured food, such as oysters, soft cheese, and bacon-wrapped scallops. Salty types of food, such as fried chicken and potato chips are great choices, too. Serve the food along with the champagne and have your guests gushing over your menu!

Learn How to Mix Your Own Champagne Cocktail


A champagne cocktail has always been a cult classic when it comes to bubbly parties, as it is simple yet delivers a nice kick to the palate. Wow your guests by mixing your own champagne cocktail and serving it to them on a beautiful table or tray!

To mix your own champagne cocktail, simply take a sugar cube and drop it into a classic flute. Saturate it with three dashes of Angostura Bitters, then fill your glass with your choice of champagne. Lastly, garnish with a lemon twist and you are done. It is simple, but you will be surprised at how delicious this will make your champagne taste!

Be Bold by Building a Tower

If you are having a grand and huge party, then you can go ahead and try building a champagne tower. This is a little tricky, though, so having a hand or two to help you build it would be your best bet.

First, collect the coupes and start stacking them. The base of the tower should be square, with every level having one less row. The glasses should be touching, and each layered glass should be centred on top of the diamond space beneath the four glasses.

Once everything is properly layered, pop the champagne bottle and pour it carefully to the top of the stack. Make sure you have enough champagne bottles for this, as this will take a couple of bottles to complete. This will also take a little bit of time, so you would have to be patient. Only pour the liquid into the top coupe and have it overflow so it will fill all of the glasses below it.

If you are not confident enough to pull these tricks at a party, then go ahead and practice first. Do not attempt to do these without practising, as you most certainly would not want the party to turn into a disaster! Good luck and enjoy the champagne and the party!

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