Fun and Unique Ways to Celebrate With Your Small Organization After the Pandemic

The pandemic is by no means over, but with the UK starting to administer the COVID-19 vaccine, progress is finally definite, and we’re seeing the end of the tunnel at last.

Hence, 2021 might be a big year for your business. It’s the time to celebrate winning the trials brought by the pandemic. And what’s a better way to do that than holding a corporate event?

Holding events is one of the ways to motivate your employees. And with everything — especially the terrible ones — that happened in 2020, your organization could use a lot of motivation. Besides, a few months from now, all of us could already be immunized from the virus, allowing us to hug our loved ones and enjoy social gatherings again.

That said, here are some fun corporate events to consider in 2021:

1. Picnic

COVID-19 forced all dining establishments to shut down, so surely, your team is missing the feeling of dining out. But instead of booking tables or a private room in a restaurant, take your meal literally outside — hold a picnic.

To make your picnic more unique and remarkable, feature fare from local establishments, and goods produced from local farms. That way, you can give back to the farmers and small business owners who suffered during COVID-19. Consider getting your picnic supplies, such as baskets, blankets, mats, and chairs, from local shops and artisans as well.

2. Volunteer in an Animal Shelter

2020 was also a year full of forest fires and typhoons. As such, many animals were left abandoned but were thankfully rescued by shelter volunteers. Your employees who have been stressed out during the pandemic would surely love to see and interact with them.

Consider making your animal shelter event a fundraising program so that you can donate to animal rescuers. You won’t fail in tugging heartstrings here, because people tend to be more sympathetic to animals, who are usually helpless creatures.

3. City or Country Tour

city tour

Since traveling was also limited during the pandemic, many of your employees are surely itching for a road trip. Consider touring a city or a province that none in your team has visited yet. Choose a place with a lively culture, so that you can experience their festivals, shows, and fun tourist attractions. It will be especially fun if you can also get tickets or free admission to a live concert.

4. Turn an Important Project into a Game

You don’t have to get out of the office to hold an event. If you have a major project awaiting, try turning that into a game. Since the project will likely involve adversities, convert those into opportunities, wherein employees who complete a task will earn a reward.

Just ensure that you won’t put unbearable pressure on them to reach a goal. Focus on the rewards instead, so that your employees will feel closer to it the more they accomplish. Moreover, ensure that your efforts are reasonable enough to attain the targeted goal of your organization.

5. Invite a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers are usually invited to big organizations only, but a small group may benefit from them more since they’d feel closer to the speaker. Therefore, find a humorous, inspiring, and relatable motivational speaker for your event, like Debbie Scheer of Debbie Scheer Speaks, or any other well-loved personality. Influencers whose content is related to your business are a suitable person to excite and motivate your small team as well.

6. Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness is one of the behaviors that are often promoted during the pandemic. It means the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of their surroundings and actions, and not over react or get overwhelmed by the comings and goings around them. By holding a mindfulness workshop, your organization can unwind, increase their well-being, and improve their focus. You’ll get back to work with a fresher perspective and a newfound motivation.

Despite the disheartening events of 2020, you still have all the reasons to face 2021 with a positive mindset. Be a figure of stability and hope in your organization, and you’ll have a happy and healthy team that’s always winning.

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