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Small Things You Could Do To Make a Good Impression in Every Occasion

Be it a new social gathering or a business meeting, everyone tries to win people over by creating a good first impression. Some of you may think it’s quite a daunting task (mostly because of a lack of self-confidence), but it’s easier than it appears. It’s all about showing the best version of yourself by being as natural and eloquent as possible. The most crucial determinant here is your body language — something that can either make or break your impression before others.

The human brain works in a surprising way when it comes to scanning people’s body language. It’s the limbic part of the brain that is responsible for “reading” body language. When you have amicable body language, you come across as less threatening to others. It’s an instinct that humans innately possess — something that can be a powerful tool, especially in the field of psychology.

Here are some ways in which you can form an impactful body language and make a good impression on others, no matter what the occasion is:

Always maintain eye contact

Maintaining a comfortable level of eye contact while interacting with the other person is important to show that you are engaged and are interested in the conversation. It shows your inner confidence to look into the eye of someone and speak your mind. It reflects your amicability and open-mindedness — two surefire traits that can draw people to you. But maintaining eye contact does not mean you look at them with unblinking eyes. Be careful not to make the mistake of staring. Do break contact just a little while speaking to make the other person comfortable.

Subtly mimic their mannerisms

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It’s natural for anyone to start mirroring the body language, accent, or mannerisms of people they are in tune with. It’s a very automatic response — something that therapists and empathetic people are still trying to understand. While talking to someone, you can reflect what the other person is feeling or doing in a very subtle manner. If done the right way, you can create the impression that both of you share some similarities. This gives the other person a reason to connect with you on a deeper level.

Relax your body and smile

Any stiffness in any part of the body can be a sign of unconscious stress. It can ultimately show up in your body language. So, you should relax your body, especially your facial muscle and arms, to show that you are confident. Also, make sure you welcome the other person with an ingratiating smile. If you are not confident about your smile, then you can use a teeth whitening kit with light and other oral care items to prevent your teeth from staining. A warm smile and a confident demeanor can surely help you create a positive impression on the other person.

The above are a few tips to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression on others. Be it a social gathering or a business event, these tips will help you hone your body language and draw others to you.

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