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Getting Fit on a Budget: Three Ways to Exercise for Less

Saving money is a top priority when life gets tough. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial crisis challenged people’s ability to budget and make ends meet. That’s why it’s not surprising why most people choose to surrender their fancy fitness lifestyles in exchange for something cheaper yet effective.

Many view the idea of being fit and healthy as something expensive. They assume that working out involves a considerable budget for costly gym fees, premium workout equipment, demanding diet plans, and other expensive ways to achieve their fitness goals.

While it can be tempting to spend money to support your fitness journey, getting fit doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, there’s no need for a gym membership to take fitness seriously. If you want the most effective fat reduction techniques and get the body you want, there are plenty of alternatives to get physically active without spending too much.

To help you start a low-cost fitness journey, here are ways to get your body moving for less money!

Improvise using everyday items

Having a home gym doesn’t need all the shiny and expensive bits. While a fancy home gym is a great investment for your fitness goals, it may not be a practical option if you really can’t afford it. Fancy workout equipment sounds great, but it’s not a requirement for good exercise.

If you have a limited budget for exercise equipment, there are plenty of home gym alternatives to save both money and space. One example is kitchen countertops that make a great area for push-ups. Countertops have the ideal height for push-ups and are secure enough to sustain body weight. You have to find the right angle to maintain proper form and prevent injuries.

You can also make your own hand weights using household items. Soup cans or canned goods are perfect for beginners to enhance their biceps or triceps. If you need something more challenging, use detergent containers or fill the bucket with sand, water, or salt. Paper plates are also great tools for body sculpting. Sliding lunges will enhance your thighs, butt, core, arms, and legs.

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Indoor activities such as house and garden work are another proven way to stay in shape. Washing the car, sweeping the yard, mowing the lawn, and mopping floors all count as exercise, especially if you do them with vigorous effort. These activities boost heart rate and strengthen muscle strength.

Look for cheaper alternatives

There are tons of cheaper alternatives to expensive fitness classes and exercise machines. In fact, gyms are not the only venue to get a good workout. Gyms may have a wide array of machines and classes to choose from, but if you’re on a budget, there’s no need to force yourself into something you can’t really afford.

YouTube offers thousands of workout videos designed for different fitness levels and workout types, from aerobics, yoga, belly dancing, strength training, and muscle stretching. Exercise programs are also available on smartphone applications, websites, and video streaming platforms. There’s no need to pay for a subscription because a lot of available programs are free.

Committing to an at-home exercise program requires your own fitness area. It can be the bedroom, backyard, living room, or any place where you can move freely. You can also use your TV time to get active instead of just lounging on the sofa. Try chair exercises to get your body moving while binge-watching your favorite series.

Get savvy on exercise equipment

If you’re keen to have personal exercise equipment, you can start by buying inexpensive workout gear. Some cheaper options include resistance bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, pedometers, and secondhand equipment. What’s great about these tools is they offer the same benefits to fancy workout machines without spending more.

You can also maximize the exercise facilities of the local recreation department. Some offer complimentary use of workout equipment or discounted exercise classes to nearby residents. Suppose you want something you can take home, take advantage of sporting goods stores that sell used equipment. You can search for cheaper deals online and find one that works for your fitness needs. If you see something suitable, you can pick them up or have them shipped to your home.

You don’t need a premium gym membership to get in shape. Don’t let fitness fads and social media force you to make purchases or follow a lifestyle you really can’t afford. After all, there’s no rule that says shelling out more money for fitness is the only way to get fit. Instead, follow your fitness objectives and stick to them without spending a fortune.

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