Gift-giving Blunders Everyone Is Guilty of Doing

People give presents for various reasons. More often than not, we give gifts on special occasions. Other times, we simply want to surprise others to make them feel loved and appreciated. But one sad reality is that many givers fail to pick the right gifts for their loved ones.

It can be hard to pick the right gift. This is why it is best to give someone a gift they like and can actually use. To help you find the best gift, make sure that you don’t make the following mistakes:

Choosing common gifts

Many just give common gifts they can find within their budget. While it is true that it is the thought that counts, the reason common gifts don’t work is that the recipients already have a couple of these back home. What you can do is to find unique gifts not found in your loved one’s locality or something personalized. The good news is that there are lots of gift stores in Phoenix that offer one-of-a-kind trinkets and novelty items that you can give to your loved ones.

Buying the gifts you like

One thing gift-givers should remember is that not everyone has the same tastes. What you like may be different from what your family or friends like. So make sure to consider their preferences. It doesn’t matter how grand your gift may be. If it is something they are not comfortable receiving or don’t like, they won’t have any use for your expensive gift. Know their interests and try to find an item that they actually like.

Not knowing your boundaries

One thing many fail to realize is that you should know your boundaries when sending out presents. Your friend may have a different belief or culture. Do a bit of research, and you can avoid buying them gifts that can end up harming your relationship. The same goes when shopping for personal items and luxury gifts. If you think that your recipient will feel offended or embarrassed with your gift of choice, then it is best to choose a different gift or skip the gift-giving altogether.

Gifting living creatures


Although many people are fond of pets, not everyone can accommodate a new pet or two. Before you even think about giving your loved one a surprise pet, make sure to do your research first. Does your recipient have the means to accommodate a live, breathing creature? According to PETA, many surprise pets end up in shelters. You don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a new pet to gift only for it to end up in the streets or even returned to a shelter.

Recycling old gifts

Regifting can offend the person who gave it to you, especially if they end up knowing your intentions. If you decide to regift, make sure that you create a list of all the gifts you don’t want or need and note the names of the senders. This will eliminate the risk of you regifting the item back to the giver. Also, make sure to keep it in excellent condition.

Choosing a gift for a loved one can feel like a chore. But if you decide to give a gift, make an effort by choosing something they like, that is useful, and they can easily accommodate. Knowing the common gift-giving mistakes will allow you to be a better gift-giver and make the most out of your gift-giving efforts.

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