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Signs that You’re Obsessed with Turkish Interior Design

You visited Istanbul once, and you instantly fell in love with its colorful streets, delicate architectural structures, and stunning scenery. After leaving the Old City, you went home dreaming about transforming your space into a Turkish haven. Whenever there’s an opportunity, you shop for distinct home decors and sprinkle a little Turkish character to your space.

It’s become your guilty pleasure, but you won’t admit it to yourself. Has this become an obsession? Is your constant desire to purchase Turkish home decors a giveaway sign of addiction?

1. Lavish Is the Word that Describes the Door.

When you imagined giving your home a makeover, you figured you should start with the door. The littlest details matter. After all, it’s the first thing the visitors will see. The result? An ornate entrance that will win the Best Door award if your neighborhood ever decides to run a contest.

2. Your Home Has Large Windows.

Remember that time when you asked your go-to contractor to enlarge your window because you want more sunlight to get in? Well, that’s very Turkish of you.

3. Your Home Screams Vibrant Colors.

When you step foot in Istanbul, the first thing that left you in awe was the vibrant color of everything, from the architectures down to the ceramics used in households. That trip to the city provided you an endless source of inspiration for your interior design schemes.

4. You’re Addicted to Textiles.

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you mention Turkey, and they’ll say the textiles. It’s easy to appreciate the textiles from this country, mainly because of the heavy threadwork and elaborate embroidery. You love to purchase Turkish kilims even when you’re from Scottsdale and decorate your house with authentic Oushak carpets.

5. Exotic Lanterns Light Up the House.

In the kitchen, there are bohemian lamps. In the living room, a Turkish chandelier adds warmth and elegance to the space. In the bedroom, glass lanterns provide ambient light in the night.

6. There Are Copper Accents Everywhere.

Before your trip to Turkey, your knick-knacks were mostly from the nearby department store. But now everything’s been replaced by copper objects, from the coffee pots in the kitchen to the spa bowls in the bathroom.

Evil eyes bracelet 7. Iznik Is Now Your Middle Name.

Ever since you left that country in the Middle East, you can’t get those turquoise Iznik tiles out of your mind. You didn’t initially want a significant home renovation, but you finally gave in and had your plain bathroom and kitchen flooring with Iznik tiles. In areas where flooring repair isn’t necessary, you incorporated dark blue and red motifs, a telltale sign that Iznik has gotten into your system.

8. The Evil Eye Is Watching the House.

You used to brush off superstitions, but now the Evil Eye can be seen in every entrance of your home. It started as a desire to imitate the decors of the house you stayed in back in Turkey, but now you believe this certain charm will protect your home from negative energy.

So are you guilty as charged? If yes, you know what to do next: go back to shopping online to see which Turkish home décor will look good on your now not-so-humble abode.

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