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How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last for a Long Time

The beauty industry has definitely evolved greatly over the years. More and more beauty products are being launched all over the world, and beauty clinics are now more advanced when it comes to their beauty procedures.

One of the procedures that most beauty clinics offer is the eyelash extensions, and today, we are going to discuss a couple of tips on how you can make those awesome, sassy lashes in Las Vegas stay on for a bit longer than usual.

Practice Sleeping on Your Back

The glue may take a while to fully dry down, and you would not want your false eyelashes to dry down with a weird bend to it, would you? Make sure to practice sleeping on your back a few days before getting the extensions, especially if you are a deep sleeper. It’s quite difficult to bring them back to their original form once they have dried out, so make sure to sleep on your back for at least a night or two to give it time to fully dry on its own properly.

Do Not Rub on It

This is something that you should already know, but we are here to tell you again anyway. Avoid rubbing your eyes, especially your eyelashes, as this will cause your false lashes to fall off easily. You would not want to have a few strands falling and breaking off, especially if you just got it done.

You should also avoid using a cotton pad or a cotton ball when taking your eye shadow, mascara, or liner off, as the fibers can get stuck on your lashes and pull them off. Instead, grab a makeup towel or a cleansing wipe instead and gently go over the area to avoid taking any hairs off of your eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension

Give it a Little Bit of Moisture

Keeping your eyelash extensions dry at all times may cause to become crispy or flaky. To avoid this, make sure to moisturize your lashes properly with your preferred oil. You can simply use baby oil, but if you want, you can also try using rosehip oil, jojoba oil, or even castor oil to help your real lashes grow longer and thicker.

Just be careful and avoid getting the oil on your eyes, as this may hurt and can actually impair your vision temporarily.

Don’t Play with Them

It is very tempting to play with your false eyelash extensions, especially if they are quite long and luscious. Also, if they start to come off, you should resist taking them out yourself and just let it fall off on its own. This is inevitable, as your new lashes that are growing will push the extensions out naturally.

Avoid twisting or pulling it off so you would not pull your natural lashes out or even irritate your eyes.

Try combing your lashes out so it would not look wonky. Ask your technician about the proper eyelash extension aftercare and follow each one to get the most out of your eyelash extensions. Go ahead and flaunt those long and thick lashes!

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