Keeping it Bubbly and Tasty: How You Should Keep Your Champagne at Home

Celebrations, whether they’re birthdays or victory parties, always call for a glass of champagne. The bubbly and aromatic drink makes festivities much more fun. Such an excellent spirit can also be enjoyed on its own, whether you have a simple Friday charcuterie or you want to have some refreshing drink as you enjoy your weekend movie at home. Most champagnes are supposed to be consumed right away. But there are some occasions where you want to keep them before drinking them—or maybe you have not consumed it to the last drop. Keeping your bottle of champagne is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. Otherwise, its flavour and aroma will be compromised.

Thankfully, some experts share the right ways of storing these fine, bubbly drinks. And most of these measures do not have to be so complicated. Whether you have bought a Magnum Champagne or someone gave you this as a gift, here are the correct ways of storing them:

Deciding On the Position of the Bottle

Easily, you may just put your Champagne bottle on your countertop or your shelf, thus making them double as a display. Keeping them upright seems sensible, especially if you are to consume the champagne within a short period (say a month). This will not affect the flavour in any way. But if you are looking to keep the champagne longer than that, it would be wise to put it in the rack sideways, exposing its underside. Doing this will keep the cork from drying out. When the cork dries out, the wine’s quality will be affected.

Choosing the Right Storage Conditions

Wine bottles

There’s a reason people winemakers and sommeliers keep the wines in a cellar. Just like the usual wines that you have been drinking, Champagnes are supposed to be kept away from sources of light. It should be stored in an area with the right temperature and humidity; generally, it should be cool.

Keeping the champagne in a fridge my sound like a good idea, but it is not! The cold of the fridge will compromise the make-up and integrity of the cork. And when that happens, the champagne’s taste and aroma will be spoiled.

The Length of Duration

As much as possible, you are supposed to drink Champagnes right away. But you always have the choice to keep this drink, so that it will mature. This will depend on you, but generally speaking, high-quality Champagnes should be easy to store; it can even stay in your rack or cellar for a long time.

A bottle of champagne can brighten up every celebration, and it will make everyone happy and refreshed. These bubbly drinks are a mainstay in many parties. And while they are meant to be consumed right away, there may be some instances where you will find that half a bottle remains. In which case, you must know how to store them properly. With that, your next Champagne experience will be just as good as the first one—or even much better.

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