Radar gun being used by official to detect incoming car speed

Limitations of Radar Technology

Radar guns are a common sight across law enforcement, sporting events, and hobbyists around the world. They are a relatively cheap way to get an estimation of how fast the speed of a moving object is. They can be used by almost anyone with little training. They come in different kinds for different deployments, and they are generally reliable to use. However, there are some limitations when it comes to the application of radar that should be kept in mind.


Conditions are not always ideal for the use of radar guns. Since they are extremely sensitive equipment, there are cases where they can trigger a false positive on a target or be a little off when it comes to measurement. Aside from calibrations, environmental factors such as overhead activity or wind can sometimes affect the function of a radar gun. The best way to overcome this is proper operator training. It is important for the user of the equipment to understand the situations that can lead to a different diagnosis and plan accordingly. Alternatively, getting your device recalibrated or checked by a professional can also solve this issue.


When it comes to devices such as speed radar guns, size definitely matters. Since the mechanism that is deployed by radar is often not that sophisticated with small or mobile devices, there is always room for error when it comes to the final speed reading. Again, this can be remedied somewhat by operator training. However, a much better way of going about it is to asses what kind of radar technology you actually need. There are several types of radar guns. Generally speaking, the bigger they are, the more sophisticated they are. If they are more sophisticated, they can get a much better reading. Work with your monetary constraints or stated purpose to find out the right balance between the two. You must invest in this device, but make sure that you get the right one. It should serve the intended purpose.


2 sensor model used by a marshal for more accuracy

This brings us to the last thing that can be the biggest issue with radar guns: They do need updating and replacing every so often. Some models are better-suited to speed detection depending on what they are aiming at. It would be very inefficient to use a sporting speed gun in law enforcement or the other way around. It falls to the user of the equipment to decide which is which.

Fortunately, radar gun suppliers are more than happy to work with you when it comes to providing the exact kind of radar gun that you need for your activity. Not only are you assured of a quality product from a reliable company, but they can also provide you with support in both operation and maintenance if needed.

Even with developing technology, radar guns are far from obsolete.  They may need some fine-tuning from time to time. You may also need a little skill to use them to their fullest efficiency. Just do not make the mistake of using a faulty radar gun.

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