Precious Gold and its Many Uses

Our desire is often based on our own biases. However, there are a select few materials that are coveted based on objective facts. The characteristics of these objects make them valuable for everyone. Among the shortlist are what we call precious metals.

Precious metals are naturally occurring. They can either be rare, have high economic value, or both. Their value is only driven higher due to the certain criteria, such as their rarity, function in different industries, and use as investment vehicles.

There are many precious metals known to man. Palladium, platinum, silver, and gold are just a few. Silver and gold are the most renowned in the entire list.

Each metal is unique in its own rights. However, gold has always appealed to society due to its many pleasant characteristics, which include malleability, color, and conductivity.

Here are the many uses of gold in the modern age:


Thanks to some unique qualities that gold possesses, the aerospace industry has started using it to protect astronauts who make trips to space. Their suits are lined with a thin film of gold polyester. This gold polyester functions to protect them from radiation as well as deflect the burning heat of the sun.


Gold is well known for its role in currency. There are many reasons why gold is chosen over other precious metals. One reason is that gold is common enough to make coins with but rare enough in number that not everyone has the power to do so.

Another reason is that gold doesn’t tarnish. We can expect coins made from genuine gold that are formed today to look as stunning in a couple of thousand years. Lastly, gold has a low melting point. This makes it easier to break down and form into coins and ingots.


Throughout history, the field of dentistry has made use of gold. In fact, the book that first recorded the use of gold in dentistry was published in 1530. Entitled Artzney Buchlein, the book details how dentists used gold leaves to fill cavities and rotten teeth.

Nowadays, gold has more use aside from fillings. One of which is in aesthetics. Patients can now opt for gold braces and brackets, and can even have gold teeth to replace their natural ones.


One secret to gold’s success is that it is undeniably beautiful. This is why it has been used for jewelry for thousands of years. People throughout history used jewelry to mark their wealth. But the aesthetic appeal is not the only thing gold jewelry boasts.

Compared to other materials like alloy and silver, gold is long-lasting. This is why many heirlooms of affluent families are made from gold. The material assures them that future generations can enjoy a historical piece of the family.


a doctor

Gold is also known for its role in treating arthritis. Gold in its metal form can be converted into compounds such as gold sodium thiomalate. This compound is commonly used in treating active rheumatoid arthritis.

Aside from treating arthritis, the medical field has discovered a way to use gold in cancer management. Radioactive gold isotopes are implanted into tissues to act as radiation sources throughout the process.

Gold has many other uses in our society. Considering the many positive characteristics it possesses, it is no wonder why so many people are drawn to it, and even wish to have it in their everyday lives.

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