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Themes for Five Popular Outdoor Wedding Venues

Getting married in the spring or summer means an opportunity for an outdoor wedding. The trees and flowers may be your best decor options, but adding touches of your imagination around your venue will make it even more spectacular. 

Now, as you think of a wedding theme, you may find it a little tricky to make it complement your chosen venue. While there are lots of versatile wedding themes to choose from, going for something a bit more clear-cut is surely something you won’t regret.

Here are some of the best wedding themes that fit specific outdoor venues:

1. Rustic Wedding for a Barn Venue

Barn and other country wedding venues allow for creative freedom. A number of themes suit this versatile venue, and among them is rustic. The wood interiors of a barn make the perfect backdrop for this theme. Embellish it with string lights and lace accents, and lay decorative mason jars on every table. A rustic theme is very easy to carry out that it’s perfect for DIY fans. On top of that, a barn venue in Minnesota and other states is great no matter the season.

2. Modern Tropic for a Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are always fun because you can skip the high heels and full gowns. While you think of the venue’s aesthetics, skip the seashells and try modern tropic, instead. Decorate with palm tree and banana leaf prints, and add throw pillows onto the lounge seats. Keep the color scheme predominantly while for a more simple but chic and contemporary look.

3. Romantic and Floral for a Conservatory Wedding

If you’re a big fan of flowers, a conservatory will be your perfect venue. It’s already filled with so many flowers that you can save money for decor and a florist. Most conservatories also have other eye-catching features like fountains, greenhouses, and stone paths. It’s a picture-perfect haven for romantic-themed weddings. Add hanging lights and pastels to the decor to enhance its beauty.

4. Art Deco for a Museum Wedding

A museum may not be counted as an outdoor venue, but if you and your guests are seeing historical pieces and unique artworks throughout the celebration, then consider that a drift from a typical indoor wedding. Outdoor activities are offered by some museums, too.

An art deco theme inspired by the lavishness of The Great Gatsby will be perfect in a museum wedding. Fill the venue will sparkling and ornate decor, and fuse a bit of modernity to it by adding geometric decor pieces. Both the venue and the theme will be standing out because they’re a match made in heaven.

5.  Casual for a Backyard Wedding

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Intimate weddings are best celebrated in private backyards. You can use your own or rent someone else’s if yours isn’t as spacious. Homes, without question, have a more personal touch than any other wedding venue.

A laid-back casual dinner party is best suited for backyard weddings. To enhance your experience, use farmhouse tables with matching chairs, simple linens, al fresco restaurant-style lighting, and lanterns. You can also decorate with vibrantly colored pieces to make your backyard stand out.

With these five outdoor wedding venues and complementing themes to choose from, you may have just visualized your own wedding day better. Whichever you choose, remember to add personal touches, so you and your fiance’s personalities would make a statement on your special day.

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