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Pandemic Fashion: Trends That Will Likely Stick in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world lives—how people work, do business, study, get entertained, buy stuff, and hang out with friends. It has even changed the way most of us dress.

Because the majority of the population spent so much of the past year stuck at home, gone were days of corporate or business casual wear for workdays and dressy clothes for nights out. So, what’s in now? Think cozy loungewear, laidback sneakers, and other items that make staying home even comfier. And even if the office employees return to work, these pandemic-induced fashion trends will take hold.

Pajamas and Loungewear

Pajamas are no longer just for the bedroom. Thanks to quarantine, pajamas have become an appropriate outfit for lounging around the house all day long and working from home. Even in awards shows, pajamas have become an acceptable choice as a virtual red-carpet outfit. Take Jodi Foster, for instance. She went viral on social media when she accepted her Golden Globes award in a pair of cozy, silky Prada pajamas.

But hey, you don’t need pajamas that cost thousands of dollars just to pull off a cozy look. There are tons of affordable options online that look and feel high-quality—so stylish that you can also wear them outside. That’s why this loungewear trend will likely stay popular even if the COVID-19 pandemic ends.


When gyms shut their doors last year, home workouts and online fitness classes rose in popularity. Along with that was the boost in sales in activewear and anything athleisure. After all, it’s easy to switch to a pair of yoga pants and a tank top once you shut down your laptop after your shift from working at home. Heck, you can even put on your gym outfit while working from home, as long as you don’t have Zoom meetings. That way, you can easily sneak in a couple of exercises while taking a break from working on your laptop.

Some might think that the look of activewear can be boring. But you can mix things up sometimes. If you do yoga along with your friends online, you can elevate your look with Zen lifestyle products. For instance, you can buy some mala beads necklaces and bracelets to enhance both your look and energy.

Stylish Tops for Zoom

Sure, hoodies, pajamas, and gym tops are great when you don’t have to meet your coworkers. But they aren’t exactly appropriate when doing a sales pitch or meeting your team on Zoom. This is where “Zoom tops” come in. These are shirts, button-down polos, and blouses that are comfortable to wear but are polished enough to make you look professional on the screen. Just pair them with denim pants or even pajamas, yoga pants, and jean shorts—they’re called “Zoom tops” for a reason.

Of course, this “Zoom tops” trend can easily sneak into the post-COVID world. They are appropriate clothing items for the office and can even make your commuting days easy and comfortable. Just switch those around-the-house bottoms you used to pair with your Zoom tops with decent pairs of office pants.

Sneakers and Slippers


Dress shoes and high heels are way down—down to the bottom of many people’s closets. Spending more time at home meant sticking to more comfortable options like sneakers and even slippers. After all, it’s easy to go on a grocery run or tend the garden after a working day when you’re on a pair of Nike slides or Stan Smiths. It may take some time before people get comfortable wearing dress shoes again. After all, there’s nothing better than walking around in a pair of comfy shoes, especially when you’re rushing to get to your office, standing in line for a train, or hopping from one meeting place to another.

But that can change once shoe manufacturers realize they need to add athletic touches to heels and dress shoes for extra comfort and stability. Who wouldn’t want to go to the office or attend a party with dress shoes with very comfortable padded insoles or stylish stilettos with much wider and thicker heels?

The corporate world, especially those companies in tech and creative industries, has been retreating from blazers and ties for years. But the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that transformation in fashion. When people head back to the office, they’re likely to trade in corporate wear for a Silicon Valley-chic look.

There will be more mix-and-match sessions between dressing up and dressing down. Thanks to athleisure, wearing the same thing over and over again will become mainstream. The pressure is off. People can continue to seek comfort in cozy clothes—a fitting way to heal after a collective trauma.

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