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Six Time-saving Fashion and Beauty Tips for Busy Women

Creating a stylish wardrobe or trying out new hairstyles every week is often out of the picture when you’re a busy woman. You already have a hard time balancing your personal time, family, and career, so exploring style options seems to be too challenging. If you’re a busy woman, finding free time seems to be impossible—at least most of the time.

But despite that, we can all agree that what we look speaks volumes about how we act and feel. So, to help you achieve effortless style and feel confident every day, we listed some tips to get rid of those several minutes of stress from your routine.

1. Embrace alterations and tailoring

First thing you should keep in mind is that you and your body shape are unique. And while shopping for new clothes seems to be fun and easy, it’s not usually worth the money if you think about long term. You want clothes or items that you can use for many years while still complementing your body. Revisit your closet and check for pieces that can be altered by a good tailor. Have them fitted to your current body shape or style. Doing this can save you up to $50 and save up the time checking different shops to find an item that fits you.

2. Edit your wardrobe

Editing your closet can really take some time, or even hours. But getting this done will save you a lot more on the following days. So, for a wardrobe edit, you’d want to apply the one-year rule for pieces you aren’t using. Dispose them, sell them, or put them in the charity bag. If you’re unsure, try them to see how they still fit. Another good rule to follow is that if you can’t pair or match them with your other pieces, let them go. Following this simple rule can leave you with a minimalist closet. After all, it’s easier to decide what to wear if you only got the best pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Create a go-to collection

Most stylish women recommend creating combinations with clothes and accessories you have. But doing that can sometimes take several minutes of your day, and if you’re on the rush, it’s quite hard to come up with something that looks amazing. What we suggest is that you curate a go-to collection. In terms of clothing, consider what colors and cuts suit your profile and ones that you find comfy to wear. Ideally, you must have multiple pieces of the style of skirts or a certain cut of jeans that flatters your shape. And of course, they should be easy to wear and work-appropriate too.

4. Make organization your best friend

Being organized can save you tons of time searching for clothes, shoes, or accessories to wear for the day. Apart from the usual seasonal arrangement, you can organize your closet by clothing type then by color. Group your tops and trousers, then color code them starting with neutrals, brights, then patterns. Stylists also suggest investing in proper wooden hangers and ditching your nasty metal types as they can potentially damage your clothes. It’s also best to place your shoes and bags on an open shelf or transparent storage boxes for a quick search.

5. Invest in hair care and styling

For most women, hair is a top priority. In terms of hair care, create routines for the wash day, morning and nighttime, and moisture. Get the products that are healthy for your hair. Natural or organics products are the safest option. They are a bit expensive, but they are perfect for healthy hair routines. Be sure to also invest in quality hair tools for any styling necessities. If you love doing different hairstyles, invest in a quality curling iron with design that prevents hair creases or breakage. And of course, don’t forget the ever-reliable hairdryer for some lazy days.

6. Think about your feet

When it comes to footwear, the number of shoes a woman needs may depend on your lifestyle, location, or seasons in your country. But ideally, you need at least six pairs of shoes. These include winter boots, summer sandals, sports trainers, non-gym leisure pumps, flat or heeled ankle boots, and strappy-style evening shoes. Invest in high-quality ones to ensure comfort and durability. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about searching for or buying new footwear whenever you got an activity or event to go to.

Investing some time for these things can save up more time from your morning routines during busy days. Find the clothes that work for your body or the hairstyle that suits your look, and plan ahead. You’ll get to a lot of stress and money, too.

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