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4 Tips To Let Your Parents Know That You’ll Get Married

As soon as he slowly reached out to you and asked for your hand in marriage, you knew that he was the one. Although it is a thrilling experience, you cannot help but wonder how your parents would react to it. You know that whatever they say will affect your decisions, so you decided to keep it to yourselves for a few days. Now that you are finally ready to let them know about the exciting news. How are you going to tell them about it?

Admitting such excellent news need more than a wine gift delivery from the UK. To help you with the planning, here are a few interesting yet adorable ways to let the news out with your loved ones.

Share a cup of coffee

Letting your parents know that you will be getting married is something that you want to share in person. That is why suggests inviting them over an impromptu coffee date. Have the barista write ‘Father of the Bride’ and ‘Mother of the Bride’ in the cups. Also, you need to order one for you that says ‘Bride to Be’ and hold it in your left hand which holds your engagement ring.

If they are more like stay-at-home parents, you might want to invite them over to have breakfast. You can buy a mug or order a custom-made one for you that says, ‘I’m engaged’ while you prepare your cup of coffee.

Keep things private

If your parents are not into elaborate announcements, you can make things personal and private. One tip that suggests is to never post it on social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Doing so will only take the excitement away from your engagement. Make sure to let your family know about it first before you snap a photo of your ring and post it online.

Order a bottle

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Your partner has already let them know about your engagement. Now, you are planning to invite them over for the occasion. You can order bottles of champagnes together with a personalised note. The note should say that you are congratulating them for having an additional family member in the family.

If your parents are just within the area, then you can invite them out to have dinner with both of you and order a bottle of champagne. You can all raise your glass for a toast for both you and surprise them with the exciting news.

Have a surprise party

You can also invite your friends and family over for a dinner party. Make it appear as an impromptu get-together so that none of them will have a clue. Now, once everyone has drinks in their hands, you can both stand up to make a toast. It will be the best moment to spread the good news and let everyone know that you will soon get married. However, everyone at the party will be expecting an invite, so it is best to be smart with your guest list.

Letting your parents know about your engagement should not cause you any worry. You should think of it as a celebration to a new life that you would be making with your soon-to-be partner.

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